Foragers to Follow

When learning foraging, I think most of us would prefer to have a one on one instructor accompany us out into the woods. Someone knowledgeable and charismatic to show us the ropes. Sadly most of us don’t have access to that sort of woodland guide. However in the age of the internet, an expert is just a click away! Here are a few of my favorite online foraging teachers. I’ve learned a lot from them and hopefully you can too!

Alexis Nikole Nelson, Black Forager

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Instead of saving the best for last, I’m putting her front and center! Alexis Nikole Nelson, known to her large following as Black Forager, brings immense knowledge, passion and entertainment to her foraging content. She explores wild edibles while sharing a mix of historic and modern recipes and practices. She often sings improvised lines about what she’s doing as she goes, which is just as charming as it sounds. If you want to smile, laugh and learn, do yourself a favor and follow Black Forager. She’ll change how you view your own backyard.

Find all her links here.

Caleb Musgrave, Canadian Bushcraft Podcast

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Anishinaabe storyteller Caleb Musgrave founded Canadian Bushcraft in 2009. When Covid interrupted the wilderness schools 2020 season, Musgrave took to the airwaves so he could continue to share his expansive ancestral and general outdoor expertise. The Canadian Bushcraft Podcast touches on a wide variety of skills including shelter building, choosing gear, plant identification and foraging. If you’re an all around outdoors-man, or want to be, go check out Canadian Bushcraft.

Find it all here.

Adam Haritan, Learn your land

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Generally, when you’re seeking out a mushroom hunting sherpa, your options may feel like either a wise forest hermit with plain spoken knowledge passed down by word of mouth, OR a well-spoken person of science who learned about mushrooms by studying under mycology scholars. Adam Haritan of Learn Your Land feels like both of these people. After watching his videos, you will really feel as if you’ve been given a complete picture. It’s the kind of educational material that makes you feel confident. Beginners should definitely give these videos a try!

Find them on YouTube or here.

Whitney, Appalachian Forager

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Do you have a cool southern Granny who you wish you could have hung out with when they were young? Well do I have the content for you. The Appalachian Forager will take you out into the hills to find the perfect mushrooms to pair with your garden goodies and fishin’ hole catches. With homey recipes that will make you feel comfy and a laid-back demeanor that will make you feel welcome, Whitney is a great choice to expand your knowledge!

Find everything she has to offer here.

Gabrielle Cerberville, Chaotic Forager

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Chaotic Forager, Gabrielle Cerberville, describes herself as “your mushroom auntie.” Her joyful, science-based foraging content will empower you to explore! Positivity, creative recipes and artwork all find a home on Gabrielle’s pages. She is also focused on expanding her own knowledge, so there is no shortage of new things for her to share.

For a warm welcome to foraging, find her here.

Those are just a few of the online foraging masters I like to learn from. I’d love to know who you like! So please share your favorites. Thanks for reading! Happy foraging.

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