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You Can, and Should, Forage. Here’s How!

Nearly every market I attend, I have someone come up to me and say something along the lines of “Foraging sounds cool, but I JUST KNOW I’d kill myself picking the wrong thing.” There is a lot of fear around mushroom foraging and while there are real risks, mushrooming is not an unreasonable goal for…

Mushroom Spotlight: Black Trumpet!

Chanterelles are a regularly foraged mushroom with more than 40 varieties growing across the US. With a variety of bright and colorful options to choose from, my personal favorite is, instead, the dark and delicious black trumpet. “Black trumpet” is one of many common names for Craterellus fallax(If you’re in the US) and Craterellus cornucopioides(If…


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Hi, I’m Nicki. I am a lifelong lover of the woods and all the things that live there. I make hand-painted clay creations, primarily mushroom magnets. This space is dedicated to all the foresty things that inspire me. Thanks for stopping by!

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